Princess Kookoobananas (crassy) wrote in perthnuts,
Princess Kookoobananas


I live up in the Northern Suburbs and today I went swimming near Quinn's Rocks. There were a metric effload of jellyfish right near the shore. Being Canadian and ignorant of all the different species of things that can kill me here I was wondering if anyone in this community is well versed in types of jellyfish in the area. I have tried googling but none of the pictures I have seen look anything like the ones I saw. They were brown, quite large (the largest one I saw was about the size of my daughter's head, she's 3), no tentacles but what looked like suction cups such as squid or octopi would have (only not...if that makes sense). They also had a cross pattern on top of the bell and when the bell was out of the water it became a kind of yellowish/orange colour rather than brown.

Does anyone know what type of jellyfish these could be?
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Did it look like this:
Is that the Australian spotted jellyfish? See, that picture looks close to what we saw but the other ones I saw online look nothing like it. Wikipedia also says they usually only hang out in the southern Pacific so I am very confused. The bottom part was a bit different as well, it was longer but no tentacles if that makes any sense.
The tentacles seem to get eaten off / broken off a lot. I think many of the ones we see in the Swan may be dead or dying.
I wasn't in the Swan I was in the ocean.
Whether Swan or ocean, I'd say you're looking at Phyllorhiza punctata. See . As for size: .

They live all along the coast, as well as in major tidal river systems. They can get blown right into shore by the wind or washed in by currents. I've seen huge clumps of them on beaches. They're common and harmless.

We don't seem to get portugese man 'o war much here, thankfully, but they do turn up occasionally. They're horrible and to be avoided if you do see them.'_War . Other jellyfish found further up north but rarely/never this far down are box jellyfish, which you must never approach. .
Must be everywhere, I was down at the dog beach in South Beach Freo this morning and they were all in the water then. Down there was a lot of the plain/clear ones, with a few other types as well. Dont do the beach often enough to know much either, but there was still quite a few people and dogs in they water so they didnt seem overly concerned
Ya, I seemed to be the only person concerned with the fact that there were a bunch of jellyfish the size of my head chilling out right at the shoreline as well.

I am a bit freaked out because I was stung 2 weeks ago and I do not want to deal with that pain again.
Yeah am not so keen on being stung either, or some of the suggested cures! I really dont hit the beach often enough to know much about them, assumed they werent dangerous as they didnt have the tentacles which I assume is where the sting comes from, but dont know, so just settled for walking with my friend and her dog along the beach instead lol
Yeah, I think the whole 'peeing on a jellyfish sting' is last resort. Vinegar is the way to go!
depending on your kinks and perversions, definitely lol
The big ugly brown jelies don't sting - it's the small clear white jimbali that do.
They can sting but it is very mild.
They can kind of tickle slightly, but that seems to be about it. I think they're as harmless as it gets.

I go windsurfing and sailing on the Swan river quite a bit, often with big brown jellyfish around. If I screw up windsurfing and come off the board I often land up putting my arm through a jellyfish or getting one in the face. It's gross and slimy, but harmless. They make the boom really *@# slippery, though...