Princess Kookoobananas (crassy) wrote in perthnuts,
Princess Kookoobananas


I live up in the Northern Suburbs and today I went swimming near Quinn's Rocks. There were a metric effload of jellyfish right near the shore. Being Canadian and ignorant of all the different species of things that can kill me here I was wondering if anyone in this community is well versed in types of jellyfish in the area. I have tried googling but none of the pictures I have seen look anything like the ones I saw. They were brown, quite large (the largest one I saw was about the size of my daughter's head, she's 3), no tentacles but what looked like suction cups such as squid or octopi would have (only not...if that makes sense). They also had a cross pattern on top of the bell and when the bell was out of the water it became a kind of yellowish/orange colour rather than brown.

Does anyone know what type of jellyfish these could be?
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