Jaychra (jaychra) wrote in perthnuts,

Honours Research Project - Psychology Survey

Hi fellow perth peoples :)
I'm completing a fourth year project which looks at identity exploration online and offline, paired with how people feel when communicating. I'd be immensely grateful if you could check it out through the link below, or pass the message on. Anything to help bump up responses.


I'm collecting data over the next few weeks, with particular interest in the opinions and experience of LJ and FB users (aged 18-25 years). Anyone completing the survey will have the opportunity to win a frabjous US$50 Amazon.com voucher!

(N.B. One set of 10 questions is repeated to compare differences between settings, please don't be bewildered!)

Thanks for your interest ^_^
~ Ashley [x-posted]
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Oh, I am 30.

*feels old*
Aw, yeah. I have a bunch of friends just over the edge - it's restricted because I'm interested in a developmental stage :) You're def not old! ^_^
Try 34!

and a half!

lol went to do it without reading age restriction, haha. I'm 26. It's an interesting topic.
I like your avatar quell :)

It is quite interesting, and quite new I think. There's been a lot of research into uses and gratifications on the internet (a mass-media perspective), but less on the psych front. The internet is an awesome, complex social parallel to offline environments, so here's hoping the results reflect something about how people relate to it.