inimac (inimac) wrote in perthnuts,

Park Bench

I am looking for a park bench in a fairly quiet area that has a nice overlook of a part of Perth, it doesnt have to be the city but just buildings/the river/etc...

If anyone happens to have a favourite spot I would love to hear it =)
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East side of Kings Park's often a favorite. Views over the Swan and bits of West Perth...
There are some gorgeous spots in Kings Park, especially near the old war memorial.

There's a nice spot by the old swan brewery on Mounts Bay Rd, along the cycle path.

Also look at the river foreshore along UWA, particularly the east-facing shore near the Matilda Bay Cafe and the like.
The first thing I thought was "there are easier ways to find a place to sleep tonight...'
HEATHCOATE Park has numerous park benches around the walkways which overlook perth
Top of Gooseberry Hill Road, just in the old railway footpath behind the 1st bus stop after the round about. There is a small bench that looks through the trees and can see over most of Perth.