youth attack!! (zmbkhr) wrote in perthnuts,
youth attack!!

Work wanted

Relocating to Perth from Brisbane within the next few months and interested to know if anyone had any idea of any work going? Hard working and am keen to do anything really.

Thanks all and looking forward to moving to your city.
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What sort of thing are you looking for?

Anything... can be anything here in the wild wild west :P

Hungry Jacks fry-lord
Labourer in tight pants?
Rent boy?
Office bunnie?
haha i really should have elaborated... mainly retail/hospitality/cleaning/laboring as something to tie me over while i get settled...
although rent boy sounds somewhat appealing right about now xD


February 25 2010, 10:30:12 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  February 25 2010, 10:32:40 UTC

Most of the work I'm seeing is all temp or contract based. Very few perm positions seem to be going, in my fields at least. Lots of exec and management jobs going, which I think is what makes people think there are lots of job going here when you look at how many jobs are advertised. But when you actually look at what kinds of jobs are advertised there's not much when you're not experienced/qualified to be an exec or manager...

My fiance is a labourer and I keep an eye out for jobs for him: there are A LOT going through various recruitment agencies; even more work available if you have a blue card on top of a fork ticket.

There isn't too much retail going, unless you have management experience. I mostly see hotel realted hospitality jobs, or even more high-end bars and things like that. Cleaning I don't pay much attention to, but I know there are a ton of cleaning jobs available through the government for working in schools if you're qualified for that.

edited because I swear I can spell and make sense -.-