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NHPW: Global Conflict 2010 in Perth!

New Horizons Pro Wrestling is proud to present Global Conflict, April 30th and May 1st!
Venue: Les Hansman Community Centre, Morley, WA

Tickets: $25 Adults
$15 Children
Family Tickets for 1 Night - 2 Adults / 2 Children $50 (Save $30)
Family Tickets for Both Nights – 2 Adults / 2 Children $90 (Save $70)
Please Note *All Family Tickets are pre sale only – will not be available week of the show* Please specify which night you are requiring for Family Tickets as each night has been allocated specific numbers.

For all Ticketing Inquiries Contact:
Phone: 0431 144 183
Tickets can also be made payable by Paypal to

Tickets available as of January 20th 2010

*Card Subject to Change*

Christmas has come early for New Horizon Pro Wrestling in Perth Western Australia with the First Annual “GLOBAL CONFLICT” World Shield Tournament. It will be a World Cup of sorts fought on April 30th and May 1st.
This will be an elimination Tournament with 8 combatants involved for it representing there respective countries.

1) INDIA (Former TNA Superstar) “The Playa from the Himalaya” Sonjay Dutt
That’s right folks it is the return to Perth of the “Original Playa from The Himalayas” Sonjay Dutt. Dutt was over awed by the welcome that he had when coming to Perth on his first ever visit to Australia. This prompted the Former TNA Superstar to be the first to volunteer him self to be a part of this tournament and return to the Western Shores of Australia.

2) NEW ZEALAND “The Maori Curse” TAPU
The raw powered member of the KSK has been on an unbelievable roll in Wrestling in WA being the only one entering the Tournament who is UNDEFEATED in singles competition. TAPU was the first in WA to get a pinfall on fellow KSK Member MANA and has been an unstoppable force ever since. TAPU will be hard to beat as his undeniable passion and unmatched Power makes him very, very hard to fight against. Now may be the time for Tapu to take his place among the Elite in Australian Wrestling.

3) CENTRAL NORTH AMERICA “The Second City Saint” Classic Colt Cabana
Because of the let down of occurrences with “OLD SCHOOL RELOAD 2010” Cabana had no hesitation to signing on the line for this tournament and will proudly represent the Mecca of Independent Pro Wrestling in America– The North East!!!

4) ENGLAND High Risk Pro Wrestling presents “Cannonball” Kris Taylor
“Cannonball” is no stranger to NHPW with an appearance on TEAM KSK in the Survivor Series Match and one of the participants in the 4 WAY Hardcore Main Event at “HARDCORE RESSURECTION”. Of English heritage Cannonball is definitely a threat to winning this throne as he quiet possibly could be the best “Brawler” in the tourney. Either way no one can over look this man or it could be to their detriment.

5) ABORIGINAL AUSTRALIA – “The Hostile Reptile” NC Viper
Viper has proudly been inducted for the first ever tournament and will represent his Aboriginal heritage with ultimate pride. Viper is the original and there will be no other in Western Australia that can challenge him for this post so New Horizon Pro Wrestling proudly endorses Viper in this spot.

6) WEST COAST AMERICA – (Former WWE Superstar) Paul London
That’s right fans – New Horizon Pro Wrestling as also proud to announce the signing of former WWE Tag Team Champion and ROH, TNA Superstar Paul London.
We are thrilled to have London join our roster and their maybe no one better in the world than Paul on the independent scene. Paul is the representative for the newly formed union between WSW and NHPW. Will London be able to Shooting Star press his way to the becoming the first World Shield title holder? We shall see.

7) AUSTRALIA – “The Epitome of Cool (TEC)” Percy T
After the disappointment of missing out on having his best friend “The Second City Saint” Colt Cabana here in Perth, Percy was livid. Now hearing and helping to organise with New Horizon Pro Wrestling to bring him back – Percy begged to be in the tourney with his friend as well. NHPW are proud to announce that Percy will most definitely be a part of this tournament and will be fighting to represent Australia to the best of his abilities.

8) UNKNOWN - The ECW WILDCARD representative
We are so proud to announce the final participant in the Global Impact Tourney but unfortunately he has asked to be kept anonymous at this time. We can say he is a Hardcore Icon and he is a person known World Wide so his reasons for remaining unidentified are unknown. All he has asked to be at this time is known only as “The WILDCARD”

One of these fighters will earn his way to history in becoming the first ever “Global Conflict” World Tournament Shield Holder.
This tournament is promising to be one of the biggest two day events in Australian Pro Wrestling history with representatives from all over the world. Whoever wins this is sure to earn the title as first winner because this field is represented by every premier wrestling federation in the world. So without further wait here are the match ups for Round One of the First Annual – “Global Conflict” World Shield 2010.


Bracket One:

Match One) ENGLAND against NEW ZEALAND
“Cannonball” Kris Taylor vs. “The Maori Curse” TAPU

“The Hostile Reptile” NC Viper vs. The ECW Wildcard

Bracket Two:

“The Second City Saint” Colt Cabana vs. “Former WWE Superstar” Paul London

Match Two) INDIA against AUSTRALIA
“The Playa from the Himalaya’s” Sonjay Dutt vs. “The Epitome of Cool” TEC Percy T

HRPW Imposes itself on “Global Conflict”:
At Hardcore Resurrection we were given our first insight into the roster that is possessed by High Risk Pro Wrestling. We had the opportunity to see “Cannonball” Kris Taylor and an uninvited Blake “The Man” Mitchell on those shows and they both proved why they are standouts in South Australia. Now New Horizon Pro Wrestling have been told that Mitchell, who although was not booked for “Global Conflict” has in fact again invited himself. He was insulted again that “Cannonball” Kris Taylor was not only booked but is also in the “Global Conflict” World Tournament. He has vowed revenge upon this decision and makes it abundantly clear what he plans to do to rectify this.

Hallmark and Hawk make their NHPW debuts:
Two of the standout young lions of HRPW, Matthew Hallmark and David Hawk, will be making there way to Perth on April 30th and May 1st. They have both challenged the young guns of New Horizon Pro Wrestling; they are ready to take on anyone and will beat them to prove High Risk Pro Wrestling is better. This has insulted the up and comers of the roster and apparently two have accepted the challenges not for the better of NHPW, but to beat these South Australian threats for themselves. But this also says that the best of Australia’s young talent are coming here to NHPW to prove themselves, right here in WA.

Mana the Polynesian Warrior and Percy T to represent NHPW
NHPW is proud to announce that Mana of The Kill Switch Krew and “The Epitome of Cool” Percy T are representing NHPW on two huge tours. One of the premier federations in Sydney and indeed Australia – the Australasia Wrestling Federation (AWF) have invited both Mana and Percy to there Wrestle Rage shows in Adelaide. The Events will occur on Feb 19, 20 & 21 at the Hungarian Club of SA. This show will include Ring of Honour and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla wrestling super star El Generico from Mexico.
For all information check out: and also on

Further to that we are pleased to announce that Mana is confirmed for the World Series Wrestling, International Assault III Tour in May. These will be occurring on May 5th (Adelaide), May 7th (Melbourne) and May 8th (Sydney).WSW are also looking at a few from the NHPW roster for this tour so details will be released soon about who will maybe joining Mana for these events. This tour has a dream list of fighters coming including former stars from TNA and WWE as well as some of the standouts in pro wrestling on the American Indy Circuit. Among this talent are Tommy Dreamer, Balls Mahoney, Tajiri, Paul London, Sonjay Dutt and Petey Williams. This is also including recently released TNA Knockout, Alissa Flash aka Cheerleader Melissa, who has just been signed to WSW. Again please check out for all the details of World Series Wrestling “International Assault Tour III “. You can also check out on Facebook for the name - International Assault 2010 - for information, this is the ONLY Legitimate Facebook Account for World Series Wrestling and this tour.


The legend which is Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) is gone from all network television. Hearing this at New Horizon ProWrestling we have news for those avid fans of the federation that brought you EXTREME.

“The Hostile Reptile” NC Viper in preparation for his “Global Impact” Tournament match has called upon a few Elite Sport “Celebrities” to assist in his cause. Problem being he has no clue as to what kind of opponent he needs to be ready for since he drew “The Wildcard” of the tournament. But the Aboriginal Warrior received news that has brought him to a state of fury. “The Wildcard” has let Viper know that he is in fact an alumnus of the legendary Extreme Championship Wrestling. That’s right guys and girls; “The Wildcard” is from ECW.

Viper angered by this retorted with, “Whoever it is from that punk ass ECW that’s disrespecting me and treating me like a jabroni – screw that. This is my house, my fed and my country. I will welcome that piece of crap, who ever it is from ECW that’s coming to my home NHPW to an “ECW style Hardcore Match”. You want me, I am ready – Let’s do this you coward”

This is not a wise thing in most people’s book - to invite the demons that lived in the house of ECW and once more to invite them to a party style that they created. But Viper knows this is his chance to make history and has the tool to overcome this and stomp out the legend that he says is dead, which ECW is.

So along with Paul London, Colt Cabana, Sonjay Dutt, Percy T, Tapu, “Cannonball” Kris Taylor and NC Viper we now officially have an “ECW Wildcard”. “Global Impact” is a Pro Wrestling Tournament that will have it all for our fans - Entertainment, Technical, Highflying, Strong Style, Power, Brawling and now Extreme!!! Be Part of the experience that will occur on April 30th and May 1st at the Les Hansman Arena in Morley WA ……The Home of New Horizon Pro Wrestling.

Also News for the WSW Tour involving Mana the Polynesian Warrior ……. Mana will issue a challenge to one of the internationals coming for International Assault for Melbourne, Sydney or Adelaide. Mana will be having a match fans will not want to miss, Check out for details with more to come soon.

See below for news that has been released about the show after Global Conflict: Hardore Resurrection.

“Hardcore Resurrection 2010”

Former ECW Champions confirmed for “HR 2010”
Its official – For “Hardcore Resurrection 2010” New Horizon Pro Wrestling has completed negotiations with two former ECW Champions to be here in Perth for this annual event. One has already said that he has been involved with NHPW for months now we just don’t know why and the second is returning to the NHPW federation again after a small hiatus. NHPW is truly excited about the two former Heavyweight Champions being here for “Hardcore Resurrection 2010” and will announce them soon.

Percy T to introduce his Girlfriend at “HR 2010”
Percy after being disappointed at being unable to show off his new girl at “Old School Re-Load” has decided to do it at “Hardcore Resurrection” instead. Because he is giving his full attention to winning the “Global Conflict 2010” World Shield he wants to let his girl have centre stage on her own. Percy is very fond of his girl and wants the world to meet her at that event instead.
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