grudthak (grudthak) wrote in perthnuts,

Looking for Group

Experienced roleplayer/DM looking for group in the Perth region, preferably South of the River.

Mainly experienced in D&D 3rd edition with dabblings in VtM, Star Wars, and Shadowrun. Also willing to experience LARP and/or Cosplay.

The main group I have been playing D&D with has stagnated and been crippled by WoW addictions, so I need to find new players.

I am a mature gamer and will take any offers seriously.

I was previously the writer/producer of Shirtninja and I am a member of Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance
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I'd suggest posting on the PAniC or Supanova forums (or even the madman forums) if you want to contact a wide range of geeky people.
You might find some takers in the swancon and unisfa circles?
Hmm, my husband and I have also had our gaming group evaporate a bit for various reasons (moving out of town, incompatible schedules, etc)... most recently we had a Shadowrun game, before that D&D 3.5 edition, I'm sure we'd be up for either again (we have a fair amount of books for both). : ) He unfortunately does a lot of fieldwork so it can muck around with scheduling a bit, but I think after the next couple of weeks that'll be finishing up for a while. We live in Como, Idunno how SOR you are, we are just a little bit South... XD;