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Bushwalking around the South-West?

Allo perthnuts, I'm back! I made a post a couple of months back asking for advice on Margaret River food, and got some great responses.

We now have our dates booked for the first week and a half of May, and I'm starting to look at more stuff to do over there. I'm intrigued by the old-growth forests around the South-West, and I was wondering if anyone can recommend some good resources for bushwalking in WA? We won't be spending much time in Perth, but any walks within 1.5-2hrs of Margaret River would be lovely to know about. Google hasn't been terribly helpful - are there any books I can buy on walks around the South-West? Is there a version of the EPA/Parks and Wildlife that can offer advice/information on walks?

Also, if there are any new restaurants or new favourites around there [and we will be day-tripping to both Perth and Freo], please drop a line here! Would love to find a few more places to grow a food-baby ^_^
Thanks all!
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Look up the Bibbulmun Track. It runs all the way from Kalamunda just east of Perth to Albany. Most places with bushland will have marked trails.

Gloucester Tree near Pemberton is cool, and the caves. I'd also visit the coastline. There is A LOT of stuff within a couple of hours driving distance down that way.
this deffianately
Whenever I go to Margaret River I drop in at the visitor's centre - they have bushwalk maps and pretty much everything you need to experience the forests down there.

There's some info here you might find useful: http://www.amrsc.wa.gov.au/recreation-and-tourism/walking-trails/