Ozfiredancer (afi_havok) wrote in perthnuts,

Bushwalking around the South-West?

Allo perthnuts, I'm back! I made a post a couple of months back asking for advice on Margaret River food, and got some great responses.

We now have our dates booked for the first week and a half of May, and I'm starting to look at more stuff to do over there. I'm intrigued by the old-growth forests around the South-West, and I was wondering if anyone can recommend some good resources for bushwalking in WA? We won't be spending much time in Perth, but any walks within 1.5-2hrs of Margaret River would be lovely to know about. Google hasn't been terribly helpful - are there any books I can buy on walks around the South-West? Is there a version of the EPA/Parks and Wildlife that can offer advice/information on walks?

Also, if there are any new restaurants or new favourites around there [and we will be day-tripping to both Perth and Freo], please drop a line here! Would love to find a few more places to grow a food-baby ^_^
Thanks all!
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