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Recommend a Women's Doctor and a Dentist?

Hi All,

I'm relocating to Perth in a  few weeks from Melbourne. I need to locate a good doctor and dentist. I'm going to be living in South Lake, which is apparently only twenty minutes out of the city. So I city based is cool. Freo's only a short drive away as well.

With the doctor I'd prefer a female doctor but NEED someone familiar with PCOS and IBS. Can anyone recommend someone?

As for the dentist there aren't really any special requirements. Just a regular dentist, preferably a nice one, but as long as they know what they're doing it's all good. I've been going to the same dentist for 5 years so... *Shrugs*

Thanks in advance ^_^
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will touch base tomorrow with a Doctors addy

remind me
Thanks :)