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Delicious recommendations!

Hey Perthlings! My partner and I are Brisneylanders heading west for our honeymoon in April/May next year, and I come looking for delicious suggestions... I know this is a Perth community, but I'm hoping that you guys can offer some advice on awesome restaurants/cafes around the Margaret River region.
As we're broke 98% of the time, we'll be splurging on the sorts of things that we can't afford in Brisbane - I'm talking expensive bottles of wine, 3-course dinners, things made with truffles etc. Where can I find The Good Shit around Margaret River? Where would you take someone for a romantical dinner? If you were given an extra week's pay in your next paycheck, which restaurant would you spend it at? What/where is your favourite gourmet deli [for chocolates, olives, condiments of awesome etc]. Is there such a thing as 'the best breakfast in Margaret River'? If so, where can I find it? Also, if there are any winery/brewery tours that include foodie action, I'd be interested in that too... we love our booze almost as much as our food!

Thanks all, eagerly awaiting your advice! ^_^
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