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Perth Nuts
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Thursday, July 12th, 2018

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im new here- and i am asking for help :)

okies kiddos- this applies to mah friends in perth only- i am taking the plunge and applying for neis- my business idea is as follows-

to open up a store that will cater to the needs of the 'alternative' subcultures in Perth.
we would sell the following kinds of items:
Clothing (new, 2nd hand, medieval, pvc, fetish,band tshirts, lace, made-to-order, etc,etc)
Studded items (collars, belts, wristlets, gauntlets etc etc)
makeup, hair accesories, cds (new,2ndhand, local artists etc), books, magazines, fanzines, comics, trinkets, gifts, bits and pieces.

so what i need from YOU is a name and a number to let me prove to neis that ive done market research, spoken to people about what they wantand that theyd be interested in my services.

so PLEASE email me at malice@iinet.net.au with MONKEY as the subject line with your name, number or any queries you have about this. ok? rock :)

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