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Perth Nuts
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Thursday, April 29th, 2010

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Hi everyone, hope your having a great day!

I have some barebone parts to sell and the reason its barebone is because people have jumped quickly to grab the gear!

Heres what I have for sale - individually priced:

Cored 2 Duo 6600 : $100
Motherboard / Mainboard with in-built Wifi : $100
4GB of DDR2 RAM (forgotten what frequency) : $60
PSU 580W and Case : $50 - basic black case
ATI 3870 HD in Phenomenal Condition: $150

If you want to purchase this in one hit I can do it for $390 flat for you; These parts are already loaded into the PC just recently to make it easier for an all in one purchase - and has been tested. But like I said these are very good prices and wont be around for long so hurry.

These aren't brand new items but to let you know this rig has been, and was playing Dawn of war 2 on High quality, and Left4Dead2 on high quality, 1920x1080 res. This is a mini-beast! So please email me or express your thoughts in the comments.

Email: Alkatraz_Velocity@msn.com
Location: Gosnells Area

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