February 12th, 2010

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*Ever wanted to be a model but never had the chance?
*Want to win over $3500 in cash and prizes for 1st place winner?
*Think you have a flair for fashion?
*Want to be involved with a fantastic brand that supports all types of women?
*Do you have a feiry confident personality?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should enter today!
Click on the
FACE OF ESTREYA - Real Model Search 2010 to find out more info!
Face of Estreya - Real Model Search 2010 is all about reaching out to the community and
getting in touch with our REAL customers and fans.

We want to know who you are and what you're about and the right girl will have the chance of
a lifetime to represent this fantastic brand, with 1st prize receiving over $3500 worth of cash and
prizes and great prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.

So if think you fit the bill, or know someone who might please make sure you let them know
about this great opportunity, forward this event on to all your friends and if you are a female
between ages 18-30 then YOU should be entering this comp.

This isn't about being a size 6 and looking like Elle MacPherson, its about being beautiful from
within and THAT is what we are looking for. Show us your spunk and inner style.

Email modelsearch@estreya.com.au for details and application form to be emailed over to you!

Applications are open from the 1st Feb 2010 - 1st April 2010 and must be posted to
PO Box 1169 Osborne Park WA 6916 to be considered.

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Looking for Group

Experienced roleplayer/DM looking for group in the Perth region, preferably South of the River.

Mainly experienced in D&D 3rd edition with dabblings in VtM, Star Wars, and Shadowrun. Also willing to experience LARP and/or Cosplay.

The main group I have been playing D&D with has stagnated and been crippled by WoW addictions, so I need to find new players.

I am a mature gamer and will take any offers seriously.

I was previously the writer/producer of Shirtninja and I am a member of Southern Hemisphere Wrestling Alliance
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