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Perth Nuts
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Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

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Small Restaurants?
Hello hello!

My boyfriend & I decided we wanted to go to a winebar yesterday for some wine & nibbles, so after looking up ones in Freo (as we knew we'd also likely be around there yesterday) we ended up at Cinnabar Winebar on Essex St.  Which ended up being an awesome idea!  The wine list was quite large, and they had a selection of about 8 tapas to choose from, which isn't that many but the ones we had were delicious!  The thing we also enjoyed was the fact that the restaurant seemed to be run by a man & his wife & their daughter - we do love being able to support the small businesses like this one.  We sat on the balcony upstairs, we chatted to the family a bit (& found out they also run wine tasting nights, awesome!)  It was a great experience :)

So my question to you all, is what other small restaurants would you recommend?  Any small family-run places?  We do live SOR, but would be willing to travel a bit for some great food at a great place! :)

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