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Perth Nuts
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Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

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Codeword for Bursewood wedding give-away?
My sister is desperate to win that $40,000 Burswood wedding and she watched 'Farmer wants a wife' but missed the codeword - can anyone tell me what it is?

Current Mood: hopeful
Dentist recommendations in Perth area?
Hello, you gorgeous people. I have a favour to ask of your august assembly.


(but seriously - you fine people rock)

I'm looking for a dentist for a regular checkup - just a clean and scale. But not being a Perth local I can't tell the barbarians from the awesome dentists.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a dentist in Perth that they trust and love? Not terribly fussed about location - will travel for the right dentist, although getting out to around Joondalup is probably the outer fringe I'd consider.

Thanks muchly in advance!

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