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Perth Nuts
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Saturday, March 7th, 2009

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Amanda Fucking Palmer TONIGHT!
(also x.posted to PerthGoths - apologies if you get this twice)

If any of you out there are at a loss for something to do tonight, Amanda Palmer and the Danger Ensemble are doing the last gig of their tour for Who Killed Amanda Palmer at Fly By Night.

I was there for last night's gig, and it was awesome. Tonight promises to be epic, given that it's the end of a six month run for them. For the price of admission, you get Amanda Palmer, Lyndon Chester, and Zoe Keating. There is no part of this show that plays at anything less than full energy. All three of the performers, and the Danger Ensemble, are pure awesome.


Here's a taster from Sacramento last year, which pretty accurately represents what Half Jack was like last night (apologies for the crappy audio - obviously recorded on a small camera or phone, and someone who can't sing is RIGHT NEAR THE GODDAMNED MIKE, but you get the idea)

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