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Perth Nuts
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Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

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Coles donating money to bushfire appeal - 13 February

On Friday the 13th February, Coles is donating its profits to the Bushfire appeal, so I suggest shopping there on Friday!

Coles Press ReleaseCollapse )

Also, join the Samboy for the Bushfire Appeal group and invite all your friends! Better than the 10 grand going to a beach party. 
$10000 for the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal

Bushfire relief

  • </a></font></b></a>angriest is creating a fanzine this Wednesday, all proceeds to the relief fund. See here.

  • </a></font></b></a>transcendancing and her crew are holding a fundraising picnic on Valentine's Day. Details here.


  • </a></font></b></a>_bigjobbies_ and co. are hosting Eurogamesfest for board gamers on Feb 14th.

  • </a></font></b></a>karenhealey's doing a Fuck You Firebugs Donation Drive, and says: "I'm still taking paypal donations for the Red Cross on behalf of those who can't negotiate the weirdass credit-card hoops the Red Cross makes overseas donaters jump."

  • </a></font></b></a>minna is offering to double anything you donate up to five hundred bucks.

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