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Perth Nuts
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Sunday, August 6th, 2006

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End of an era...
The Globe Coffee House in Mt Lawley, next to the Astor Cinema is being forced to move by it's landlord. After fifteen years, this iconic spot has to shift, becuase the owner of the building wants to open his own cafe there (presumabley hoping to pick up on Globes success).

I've been drinking coffee at the globe for thirteen years....

In my twentys I took my Sunday morning hangovers there with friend to recover...

I took my wife-to-be there when we first dated...

It was one of the first places we visited when we got back to Oz from the UK.

We go there for coffee and food at least once a fortnight, after prowling through bookshops and DVD bargain bins in the surrounding area...

And now it's moving... (and we don;t know where yet).

If you've been there or not, Saunday 20th August is your LAST chance.

Current Mood: sad

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