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Perth Nuts
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Saturday, April 22nd, 2006

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Working in Australia (X-Posted)

I'm dating a guy that is visiting me from Canada.  He was supposed to leave on the 20th of February but decided to extend his holiday and didn't catch his return flight (it was booked on airmiles and he couldn't re-book). We didn't really put a time limit on how long his holiday was going to be, just a ball-park estimate of "late April." With him running low on funds, he set the date of his return for this coming Wednesday. However, plans fell through with the booking of his flight and now he can't afford to leave (and can't really afford to stay).   His only source of income while here was playing Texas Hold' Em at Burswood.  

We're wanting to explore other avenues and would appreciate any suggestions.  Is it possible to get a working VISA while in Australia, from the Canadian Embassy?  Is there anywhere he could work without needing VISA?  Because he didn't actually have to apply for a VISA when coming into Australia, will it be a problem now that he's extended his stay?

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