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Perth Nuts
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Saturday, March 25th, 2006

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For all you techno geeks, please help us.
Our computer is dying. We think it's the graphics card. It'll start up fine, the the screen will go all woobly and stuff. We have a problem, which is the fact that our motherboard isn't compatible with the new graphics cards on the market. We have an AGP card, or something like that, does anyone out there in computer land know where we can get a new/2nd hand AGP graphics card for cheap? They are impossible to find, or at least it is looking that way. Please help, the poor computer isn't happy even after a nice format and everything else we've done.
What is up with William Street?
In Beckenham. Anyone know?

Someone's got really overzealous with the 40 speed zone signs and they're every 20 metres or so. The road has recently been resurfaced but there are no longer works going on.

Is this a legal limit, or more likely, is it the residents still up in arms about anyone driving on their street and insisting everyone crawl at a snail's pace because they can't teach their kids not to run in front of cars?

I mean, there is a proper permanent 60 sign just before the 40 signs start, and I have never ever seen roadworks with signs every 20 metres before.

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