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Perth Nuts
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Tuesday, January 17th, 2006

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Like a house of cards...
Judy Edwards has just announced she's stepping down as Environment Minister.

The poor old PR unit at the Department of Environment had no inkling about it, either. They heard it first from my company when we alerted them. That's got to be a shock.

Disclaimer: This is still slightly preemptive, as she's giving her official press conference at 12:15pm. But 6PR has broken the story that it's expected she'll announce her resignation. Considering the press release had exactly the same wording as Gallop's yesterday ("...will make an important announcement."), I think they're on the money.

Current Mood: blank
I;m considering going to Notre Dame, but I am concerned it isn't as good as Murdoch, Curtin and UWA.
What does everyone think?
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